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Black Triangle Bonding with BioClear

Get Your Smile in Shape with BioClear Bonding

Do you have unattractive black triangles in your smile near your gum line? Those little gaps, which often occur due to gum recession, are more than just a cosmetic annoyance that makes you look older. They can easily trap food and contribute to bad breath and tooth decay. Dr. Tamo, Dr. Marandi, and Dr. Ash offer a treatment to get rid of those black triangles — BioClear bonding. Let’s discuss what this treatment is and how it may benefit you.

healthy teeth close-up

What Is Black Triangle Bonding with BioClear?

before and after BioClear

Traditional direct dental bonding uses a tooth-coloured composite resin to reshape teeth and hide their aesthetic flaws. Black triangle bonding with BioClear takes that process to a new level. It involves a technique that uses matrix to shape the bonding material and transform the teeth, thus filling in the black triangles and producing a natural-looking and youthful smile.

What Is the Process?

patient receiving dental bonding and wearing safety glasses

First, Dr. Tamo, Dr. Marandi, or Dr. Ash must remove the biofilm from the teeth. The biofilm is a natural layer of bacteria that would stop the bonding agent from adhering to the enamel. Then, matrix get placed over the teeth. The composite resin is warmed and injection molded into the matrix, which make sure that the resin takes on a shape that is in line with the natural curvature of teeth. Once they place the bonding material, your dentist hardens it with a special curing light, and removes the matrix. Finally, the teeth get polished to a natural-looking shine.

Benefits of BioClear

happy dental patient

Benefits of BioClear include:

Would you like to learn if black triangle bonding with BioClear is right for you? Contact our office to schedule your consultation.

Dr. Tamo is specially trained and certified in the use of the patented bio clear black triangle treatment.

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