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Teeth Whitening

Shine Your Brightest Every Day

Even people who consistently take great care of their teeth can develop noticeable dental stains as the years go by. Everything from coffee, wine, tobacco, and simply aging can cause the enamel to yellow and darken. Luckily, this type of problem doesn’t have to be permanent thanks to teeth whitening. With it, you can quickly and dramatically brighten your smile either in our dental office or at home so that every time you flash your grin, you can trust you’re always making the right first impression.

Man with flawless smile

Why Choose Dentistry @ 1881 for Teeth Whitening?

In-Office Teeth Whitening Reveals Results Quickly

Woman with flawless smile

Teeth gradually lose their luster as the years go by. Exposure to highly-pigmented foods and beverages (like wine, dark chocolate, and ripe berries), tobacco, imperfect dental hygiene, and even the use of certain medications can all take away from your naturally white smile. Genetics play a role, too -- some people were just born with whiter teeth than others.

One of our most popular procedures, in-office BOOST Whitening brightens stained or yellow teeth in just an hour and a half appointment at Dentistry @ 1881. One-visit teeth whitening is an excellent option for people who are looking to brighten their smiles in preparation for an upcoming event or simply for patients who value efficiency and fast results.

To whiten your teeth using the in-office system, Dr. Tamo, Dr. Marandi, or Dr. Ash apply a strong whitening gel to the front surface of each of the teeth that show when you smile. The lips, tongue, cheeks, and other soft tissues are covered with a protective layer beforehand. The whitening formula is evenly applied for three 20 minute intervals. To complete the whitening process, the take home kit is necessary as well.

Let your dentist know if you experience any sensitivity throughout the treatment. It is a good idea to brush your teeth with a sensitivity protection toothpaste in the weeks leading up to BOOST Whitening, during treatment and afterward.

By maintaining good dental hygiene and avoiding the foods and beverages that cause the enamel to become discoloured, your whitening results can last for years. Use the BOOST touch-up kit as needed to enjoy your bright white smile for longer.

At-Home Teeth Whitening for Gradual Results

At-home teeth whitening kit

Patients who prefer to reveal their whiter results gradually often choose the custom-fitted take-home whitening kits. Because of its slower approach, take-home whitening is also an excellent choice for people who are prone to tooth sensitivity.

To whiten with a take-home kit, you simply fill your trays with the professional-strength whitening gel and wear them as directed. The trays are created from scans of your mouth ensuring an intimate fit and so saliva does not interfere with the effectiveness of the bleaching gel. You will begin to notice results after the very first use, but continue wearing the trays for the maximum whitening. After about two weeks, the treatment is complete.

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