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For Bad Breath, Toronto, CA, Residents Seek Treatment with Dentistry@1881

May 1, 2016

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Be confident with treatment for bad breath in Toronto, CA.Would you rather know or not know that you have bad breath? Tough decision, but actually if you know then you can do something to get rid of your bad breath, also known as halitosis. Of course, eliminating bad breath depends on knowing what’s causing the malodor. To determine the source of bad breath, Toronto, CA, residents come to Dr. Tamo at Dentistry@1881.

The Causes of Bad Breath

According to research, about 75 percent of bad breath is caused by a condition in the mouth itself. These conditions include:

  • Foods and beverages that can commonly cause bad breath, such as onions, garlic, coffee and alcohol
  • Smoking, which not only contributes to halitosis, but increases your risk of oral cancer, too
  • Insufficient brushing and flossing that leaves food particles and plaque remaining in the mouth
  • Dentures that are not well cleaned
  • Crevices in tonsils that trap food particles
  • Dry mouth (Xerostomia), which can be the result of medication, radiation, chemotherapy, mouth breathing or a problem in salivary gland function

Bad Breath and Oral Systemic Diseases

In some instances, halitosis is caused by an illness or disease for which bad breath can be a side effect. Sinus infections, gastrointestinal illnesses and advanced periodontitis (gum disease) have all been known to cause bad breath.

If the dentists at Dentistry@1881 find that you have gum disease, then we can work with you to set up a plan to reverse this bacterial infection and hopefully remedy your bad breath. Gum disease treatment may include more stringent brushing and flossing at home, or professional cleaning called scaling and root planing in our office.

Other health conditions that cause bad breath may make it necessary for you to see another healthcare professional. For example, a sinus infection may warrant a visit to your general physician or an ear, nose and throat (ENT) specialist. Likewise, if your tonsils are giving you trouble, then consider seeing an ENT. For bad breath due to a dry mouth from radiation or chemotherapy for cancer treatment, seek the advice of your oral maxillofacial surgeon, or your oncologist or personal physician for a recommendation on what prescription or over-the-counter medication you can safely take to relieve your dry mouth symptoms.

To Solve Bad Breath, Toronto, CA, Calls Dentistry@1881

If you would like more information on how to eliminate your bad breath, or to find out which type of healthcare professional you need to see for a solution, feel free to consult with Dr. Tamo at Dentistry@1881 in Toronto, CA.

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